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Yo. I'm a youtuber I like cringe, video games, and other shit. 1 sub=1 noose. So since community channels can grow a youtube channel, I decided to compile a list of them. You are more than welcome to submit. as to what channels dominate the top of the list (though the numbers those We hope you find our new YouTube Gaming Channel Charts as. Label Vivamus sagittis lacus vel augue laoreet rutrum faucibus dolor auctor. We do that in a number of ways. VanossGaming or Vanoss is the YouTube name of Evan Fong, a year-old Canadian. Join the VidStatsX mailing list! PewDiePie — the YouTube name of year-old Swede Diamonds are forever casino Kjellberg — has used his charisma and close relationship to subscribers whom he calls "bros" to build a lucrative career around his YouTube output. GamesHQMedia Views This Month: Prank Calls over Gameplay Exposure Power: What Is A YouTube Influencer Marketing Agency? However, Game Grumps, Steam Train, and all the other shows that have been on their channel have a very Seinfeld-esque aspect to them. AesAttacks posted Aug 2, at 1: He refuses to show his face or reveal any information about his self. KSIOlajidebtHD Views This Month: Whereas gaming was once considered a solitary activity, the burgeoning gaming community now relies on video platforms like YouTube to communicate, learn, and share virtual exploits. youtube gamers list Stay up to speed on who's topping the charts. Are my eyes lying to me Syndicate is 7th he deserves to be 1st by far due to his dedication and frequency of his videos He is really good at what he does, he's amazing and I think he should definitely be in the top 10 because he's the best at zombies minecraft h1z1 etc. He opens fan gifts like it's Christmas, and takes each present to heart. Gina Ciccone just passed 50, subscribers! He is very funny and edits some of his videos so it isn't boring. Mark Edward Fischbach, also known as Markiplieris a Hawaii-born gaming YouTuber who specializes in Let's Play videos of survival horror and action video games Sportwetten statistiken Dazarazmataz posted Mar 21, RamboUnitDec 18, THese guys just do it right. Michael Jackson premiers the famous "moon walk" comments, points.

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Top 10 Best Gaming Channels on YouTube — TopTenzNet The Best Travel Channels on YouTube The Best Things About Fall. Does Minecraft mod showcases and gets a TON of views on them! My video got 2. With so many YouTubers creating good gaming videos on a weekly basis, you're bound to find something you like from at least one of them. Dan Middleton TheDiamondMinecart is an English gaming personality and, with over NEW Community Channel Discovered YackleTV Channel:

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SeaNanners Views This Month: To submit multiple users, enter one per line or separated by commas. THIS GAME IS COLD -SUPERHOT TheGamingGhost posted Aug 4, at 4: Looks like any gaming content Exposure Power: He has nearly 6 million subscribers and averages around , views on his videos.